Rémi Decker

Musique à Voir - Live Music and Foley Art

Under the name "Musique à Voir" (music to watch), Rémi Decker accompanies animation movies for a live soundtrack.

A subtil combination of live music and Foley art. A magical sound and movie experience for kids in age and spirit! ;-)

Musique à Voir proposes different cineconcerts in collaboration with Mooov and Filem'On. But of course new projects are always going on and new collaborations are always appreciated.

Rémi Decker leads as well "Live Soundtrack" workshops: live music and foley for kids and adults.

Tics & Mimics (Filem'On)

In dire straits (Mooov)

"In dire straits" (Mooov): download technical rider

"Tics & Mimics" (Filemon): download technical rider

"Live Sountrack" (workshop): download info


Rémi Decker
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