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Since 1990, Rémi Decker has been giving different lessons and workshop: bagpipe, irish whistle, "play together"... Have a look on agenda for on overwiew of coming workshops.

Don't hesitate to contact Rémi for more information and/proposals: contact!


Rémi Decker gives different kinds of workshops:

- bagpipes and irish whistle from beginners to maste class.

- bagpipe initiations (instruments provided)

- folk music and dance (with dance teacher)

- "Live Sountrack": music and Foley art for animation films

- learn French and Dutch through games, music and dance


- Folle'k Danse en Musique: music and/or dance workshops for kids. In collaboration with Carine De Lauw (Folle 'k Danse asbl)

- "Live Sountrack": make a new live soundtrack for a animation film

- learn French and Dutch through games, music and dance

You can contact Remi Decker for other kind of workshops, animations or symposium.


Rémi Decker
+32 473563008
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